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St Patty’s Day Sweets

Looking for a pot o’ gold for St Patty’s Day? Well, we’ve got something just as wonderful…and you don’t need to climb a rainbow to find it. Get your hands on these rewards…simply mix a few [...]

The Perfect Pie Dish

Whether you are making your favorite pumpkin or pecan pie, let your pie dish serve as a festive accent on your Thanksgiving table. From a 9-inch size to a mini- variety for individual portions, check out [...]

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Sprouts!

Sprouts Farmers Market is always chock-full of amazing gluten-free ingredients and products to create the perfect menu for holidays and, well, every day! So when we saw this incredible New Year’s Eve menu, we couldn’t pass [...]

High Holidays Treats for a Sweet Year

With the Jewish High Holidays quickly approaching, you don’t need to look far for some easy go-to desserts that will be sure to impress your family and guests. Whether you are planning a meal to celebrate [...]

A Slice of Pie

We’ve all enjoyed our favorite pies throughout the busy holidays…pecan, pumpkin, and a variety of other flavors. But who says those standards are tasty only during a turkey dinner? When in a pinch, or planning a [...]