WheatWatchersOnline.com is not just your ordinary website. This gluten-free hot spot is a fun, festive, and fabulous destination for the entertaining enthusiast, on-the-move mom, Sunday football sports snacker, vibrant vacationer, bountiful barbecue, savvy shopper, dining diva, or for anyone and everyone who embraces a gluten-free lifestyle.

Living a gluten-free lifestyle is a necessity for many. For others, it’s simply a better way of life.

Celiac Disease, a genetic intolerance to gluten, currently affects 1 in 133 people; however, that number could be even greater and growing. Gluten, which is found in such culprits as wheat, barley, and rye, also affect many who have a non-genetic gluten intolerance…meaning they, too, must adhere to a strict gluten-free diet. Then, there are also those who might not be allergic to gluten, but make the choice to live gluten-free…looking for healthy and unique ways to enhance their daily routines.

So…CONGRATULATIONS…you’ve come to the perfect place…
Wheat Watchers at WheatWatchersOnline.com.

It’s about planning the perfect Thanksgiving feast, the best birthday cake, or the happiest holiday meal that everyone at the table can enjoy. And it makes it even more extraordinary that many recipes on the menu are being created by some of the top celebrity chefs in the business! Plus, get creative with chic centerpieces, giddy goody bags, and imaginative invites to enhance your event.

It’s about traveling to the finest resorts and locales, knowing that the chef can prepare the most decadent dinner, sans gluten. It’s also about indulging in the best spa treatments or beachside walks…because everyone needs some superb perks while vacationing.

It’s about being introduced to the latest trends in make-up and accessories…all while focusing on gluten-free inspired products.

There is something for everyone at www.WheatWatchersOnline.com!

Wheat Watchers…it’s about everyday celebrations. It’s about you.


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To make WheatWatchersOnline.com successful, creative, current, informative, and keeping our visitors wanting to come back for more, here is a little behind-the-scenes look at the staff who spends hours among hours creating the perfect gluten-free destination…JUST FOR YOU!

susie pic 2Susie Bramhall, CEO/Editor-in-Chief
As the former Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of a highly successful lifestyle magazine, Susie’s expertise in party planning, entertaining, crafts, and holiday celebrations brings her full circle to lend her inspiration in creating Wheat WatchersOnline.com, a lifestyle website to celebrate the joys of going gluten-free! Susie, who has been a regular contributing writer for many national publications, as well as the Executive Director for a high-profile non-profit, is excited to bring her writing skills and creativity to enrich Wheat Watchers. Having lived a gluten-free lifestyle for 16 years, since learning she had a gluten intolerance, Susie is an expert in the field of gluten-free products, trends, and businesses. By incorporating her knowledge of the gluten-free industry with her successful editorial, promotional, and publishing background, Susie’s main goal is to share with others fabulous ideas for celebrating gluten-free living.