It’s nice to be awakened with breakfast in bed.

When my child was little, that was our annual routine for Mother’s Day. Along with flowers, some homemade gifts, and a day full of pampering, I was queen for a day…minus the horse drawn carriage. Although, my husband’s SUV was more than adequate to chauffeur this mom around town to a fancy dinner or picnic in the park.

These days, great dinners and fancy restaurants are still on my pallet’s radar; however, I would definitely opt for a more “outdoorsy” and casual celebration. Picnics are still one of my favorite things and being out in the fresh air amongst the singing birds and light breeze just gives me a sense of ultimate happiness. It’s an open slate…full to imagine, laugh, and best of all…just talk, talk, talk with my son and husband. We can talk about dreams, ideas, goals…and it can go on for hours.

So this year on Mother’s Day, I was treated to a picnic, but it was the setting that really had me at “hello, let’s eat”. My family decided to surprise me with loads of gluten-free goodies packed up at my new favorite destination…a hidden away park and trail that my husband and son originally discovered on a day trip some months ago. It’s full of large trees, the cutest wild bunnies hopping around, and wooden-slated walkways every which way. It’s a piece of a rustic world tucked away from the busy life of the city. It’s a place to find inspiration, to find rejuvenation, and to find calm. It was a gorgeous day and the perfect setting for our picturesque outing. And after our tummies were full of sandwiches and snacks, there was only one thing left to top off our meal.

About a week before, I had received a beautiful box with a Threeberry pie from The Maine Pie Co.main box

main box back

I had heard raves about these gluten-free desserts, but had yet to try one myself. Although the sweet tooth in me wanted to tear the pie right out of the box and get it into the oven the day it arrived, I wanted to savor it in a more special way…on Mother’s Day.

So, I waited.

And waited…each day, looking at that pie in my freezer.

When Sunday, May 8th was finally here, I went ahead and baked the pie in the morning, before my surprise picnic. The piee came fresh frozen, meaning all I had to do was just pop it in the oven and bake it…super easy!

main pie box

My husband only told me we were going “somewhere” and knew I had been waiting until Mother’s Day to celebrate the pie with my family. So once the pie was baked and cooled, he packed it up in the basket to take along.

main pie baked

Now, I’m a pie lover from way back! So is my husband. But to tell you how delicious this pie was, is just an understatement. It truly was one of the best gluten-free pies I have eaten. The crust was a heavy lattice design, giving crust lovers (like I am) even more opportunity to grab an extra handful. It was flaky, buttery, and held up beautifully. The filling was a combination of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, which were overflowing with flavor. It wasn’t too sweet or tart, but just the perfect amount of flavor. And the filling was packed in there…I mean, there really were so many berries…with each pie slice, more filling just oozed out. For both my husband and son, who are not gluten-intolerant, the pie was a slice of perfection. Neither would have known the pie was gluten-free and my husband, especially, said the pie tasted better than many non-gluten varieties he has eaten. This pie was definitely equivalent to homemade! It was tasty cold; however, I have to admit that during that evening, later back at home, my taste buds were calling me to the kitchen for another piece (or two). This time, I reheated it (which still came out flaky, as if I had just baked it), and topped it with a dollop of Vanilla Bean So Delicious Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert. It was the perfect pairing…kind of like cheese with a good wine…only so much better in my book!

main pie so

main pie fork

FYI…The Main Pie Co has loads of pie flavors…Peach-Raspberry, Pumpkin, Maine Wild Blueberry, Pecan, and many others. They also have cookie varieties, tarts, and pie crusts, to stuff with favorite fillings. For more info or to order, go to Please check them out…you won’t be disappointed and they bake up perfectly!

So, all in all, I’m one lucky mommy to have had this awesome Mother’s Day Celebration. But really for me, being a mom is a celebration each and every day…more pie please!


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