It doesn’t need to be in the triple digits to enjoy some cool and creamy ice cream treats! But these adorable creations from Dreyer’s Ice Cream ( will certainly add some frosty fun to your summer! Easy for the kids to make and delicious for the entire family to enjoy!
Dreyer’s Ice Cream Owls

Recipe & Photo from Dreyer’s

Your kids will have a hoot crafting this deliciously cute ice cream creation! Top a scoop of Chocolate ice cream with two sides of a sandwich cookie and then add brown and orange candy pieces for the eyes and beak.

You will need:

DREYER’S GRAND Chocolate ice cream or SLOW CHURNED® Chocolate light ice cream

Chocolate sandwich cookies

Orange and brown candy pieces


Place a large scoop of chocolate ice cream into a bowl.

Split chocolate sandwich cookies in half and arrange the frosted halves on top of the ice cream scoop.

Add brown and orange candy pieces for the eyes and beak, and serve!



Dreyer’s Ice Cream Penguin

Recipe & Photo from Dreyer’s

Penguins are the coolest. Just ask your kids. And then help them bring these fun frozen treats to life. Just cover the top and sides of a scoop of Dreyer’s Vanilla ice cream with a hardening chocolate shell. Quickly let your kiddos dot on an orange jellybean beak, two white sprinkle eyes, two jellybean flippers and two chocolate cookie wings.

You will need:

dreyers ice cream penguin 1

DREYER’S GRAND Vanilla ice cream or SLOW CHURNED® Vanilla light ice cream

Chocolate shell topping

Orange jelly beans

Chocolate cookies (gluten-free)

White sprinkles



dreyers ice cream penguin 2

Place one scoop of ice cream onto a plate and cover the tops and sides with the chocolate shell topping.

Before the topping has a chance to harden, quickly place two white sprinkles as eyes, two chocolate cookies as wings and half of an orange jelly bean for the beak.

dreyers ice cream penguin 3

Finish off your penguin with two jelly bean halves for flippers. Store in the freezer until you’re ready to serve.



Dreyer’s Ice Cream Polar Bear

Recipe & Photo from Dreyer’s

The whole family will have a bear-y good time with these super cool snacks! Start with two scoops of Dreyer’s Vanilla Bean ice cream – one for the body and one for the head. Decorate with gumdrops, chocolate candies, cereal O’s, icing and mini chocolate chips for an ice cream treat that’s paws-itively delicious!

You will need:

DREYER’S GRAND Vanilla Bean ice cream or SLOW CHURNED® Vanilla Bean light ice cream


Chocolate candies

Cereal O’s

Mini chocolate chips

Dark brown icing



dreyers ice cream polar bear 1

Place one large scoop of ice cream into a bowl and add a smaller scoop on top.


dreyers ice cream polar bear 2

Make two ears by sticking cereal O’s in the smallest scoop, and use icing to attach a gumdrop and chocolate candy for the bear’s nose.

 dreyers ice cream polar bear 3

Add mini chocolate chip eyes and finish off your bear by decorating gumdrops with chocolate icing to make paws!


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