The word “pizza” was first documented in 997 AD in Gaeta, Italy, and successively in different parts of Central and South Italy. Although hard to pinpoint, it is believed that the precursor of pizza was probably the focaccia, a flat bread known to the Romans as “panis focacius”, a wonderful canvas to add toppings and create an abundance of varieties of the pizza pie.

So how did pizza get around the world to the States? We’ll give you a hint…it wasn’t thrown like a Frisbee until it landed on dry land (although some might have tried). Pizza first made its appearance in America in the late 19th century. Popular among large Italian populations in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Saint Louis, it was later in the century that pizza was introduced by peddlers who walked up and down the streets. Carrying metal washtubs of pizzas on their heads, they sold their delicacies for just two cents a slice. Soon after, small cafes and groceries began offering pizzas to their communities.

Fast forward to the present, and pizza has become a national favorite, especially in the United States. With pizza parlors, fast food chains, and snack bars serving up the doughy pie, approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the US each year – crowning pepperoni as the overall favorite with around 36 percent of all pizzas ordered. But with busy schedules, last minute guests for a patio party, and realizing that this afternoon is your turn to host the weekly playgroup, pizza has turned into a modern convenience, with a variety of gluten-free choices available for a quick and easy meal…and easily available right at your local grocers. From frozen pizzas, mixes, and starter doughs, whipping up your “pie” piled high with your favorite toppings is as easy as 1-2-3! Here are our top picks (we like to call the “fabulous 15”) next time you make a supermarket stop!


pizza contesConte’s Gluten-Free Mushroom Florentine Pizza

For over 30 years, Conte’s Pasta has been making high-quality products, and their gluten-free pizza line is no exception. Gaining rave reviews for their Mushroom Florentine Pizza, his is one flavor that will be a surefire hit at the dinner table. Mushrooms (of course!), mozzarella, tomatoes, and roasted garlic are just some of the ingredients that will tempt your taste buds!


Chef Anthony Russo’s Greek All-Natural Gluten-Free Pizzapizza russos

From the early age of 12, Chef Anthony Russo spent plenty of time in the kitchen with his family and other influential Italian chefs, learning how to prepare fine Italian meals and New York-style pizza. With the original Russo’s Italian Restaurant opening in 1978,  the New York PIzzeria concept was introduced in 1992, and today there are over 30 Russo’s locations. The best news: you can now take home the authentic Italian flavors perfected by Chef Russo himself. This Greek variety offers all natural toppings, including Roma tomatoes, black olives, and fresh spinach. Taste the tradition in every bite!


pizza rudisRudi’s Gluten Free Bakery Original Pizza Crusts

Pizza Night is back with this scrumptious pizza crust from Rudi’s Gluten Free Bakery. Whether you prefer a soft crust or extra crispy, please your whole family – and your pizza aficionado guests – because this pizza crust delivers! Get your toppings ready…the two-pack is great for whipping up a few varieties at once.


Venice Bakery Gluten Free Seasoned Pizza Crustpizza venice bakery

Okay, so there are just too many great things to mention about this seasoned pizza crust from Venice Bakery. Baked right in your own kitchen, you’ll get the “dining out” and restaurant quality experience due to the perfect blend of seasonings. All crusts are individually packed and vacuum sealed for freshness, and can be put in the freezer for even longer shelf life. Try your favorite recipes on both the 12” and 5” sizes.


pizza udisUdi’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

This tasty and classic Pepperoni pizza favorite features a savory sauce of vine-ripened tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and spices spread over a baked-to-perfection thin and crispy gluten free crust. Topped off with premium mozzarella, a sprinkling of fresh-frozen basil, and layer of uncured pepperoni, the result is a hearty and satisfying indulgence.


Bella Gluten-Free™ Gourmet Italian Pizza Crust Mixpizza bella

Created by three Italian chefs, this pizza crust mix just has to be good! Made with whole grain flours, the flavor and texture makes a perfect crust for any topping. From a savory deep dish pizza to a crispy thin NY style pie…it’s all in the way you shape it. Have fun creating your large pizza pie, or get creative using small balls of dough to create pizza bites for the kids! Either way, your perfect pizza will surely be a household favorite!


Wholly Wholesome Gluten Free Pizza Dough Ballpizza wholly wholesome

Let the good times roll with this certified vegan gluten-free pizza dough ball. The 14oz. dough comes in a freezer friendly package and can be rolled into various shapes and sizes for desired baking needs. Pop on your favorite toppings and dinner is served. Easy, convenient, and oh, so good!



pizza smart flourSmart Flour Garden Margherita Pizza

So the folks at Smart Flour claim they might not know exactly why it’s called a margherita pizza (although they’ve said it’s something to do with a princess in Italy), but they sure do know how to make a really good one. With juicy Roma tomatoes diced to perfection and a sprinkling of fresh, flavorful basil, this pizza will have you saying “MMMmmmargherita.”


Glutino Spinach and Feta Gluten Free Pizzapizza glutino

You have a constitutional right to pizza! So the team at Glutino made it their duty to create a simple, satisfying, and sensational gluten-free spinach and feta pizza – a great combo, indeed!. Like a flash in the pan, this cheesy gluten free pizza is hot, exciting, and will be gone in no time at all. The crunchy/chewy gluten free pizza crust is slathered with sensuous sauces and tempting toppings…eat up!


pizza better4uBetter4U Foods Thin Crust Gluten Free Four Cheese Pizza

Not just better for you, but your taste buds will thank you! This gluten-free cheesy variety is topped with a mozzarella, provolone, Asiago, and a Parmesan cheese blend….sprinkled with oregano and parsley to add the perfect accompinament of flavor. With all natural ingredients, don’t feel guilty about snagging a few extra slices.


Against The Grain Pesto Pizzapizza against the grain

Okay, so who doesn’t love pesto sauce…and did we mention pesto sauce from SCRATCH?  Against the Grain makes their own creamy sauce and slathers it onto a thick 12-inch shell for a pie that’s a bit nutty and packed with flavor. But don’t let the flavor fool you…this variety is not only gluten-free, but nut-free, as well. Toppled with high-quality Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, it’s 24 ounces of pure delight.


pizza full circleFull Circle Gluten Free Chicken Rustica Hand-Crafted Pizza

There are a lot of great things to say about this hand-crafted pizza…but let’s just get to the basics: grilled white chicken, olive oil, and garlic sauce are mixed perfectly with Roma tomatoes, spinach, and feta and mozzarella cheeses to give this pizza a woodsy and hearty flavor. A guarantee to please any crowd!


Three Bakers Sweet Italian Sausage Whole Grain Thin Crust Pizzapizza three bakers

How many bakers does it take to make a pizza this good? Some say three, but it only takes one of you to pop this in the oven for a bubbly, fresh-tasting pizza…ready in minutes! Starting out with an Italian herb thin crust shell, it’s piled with a slightly sweet & tangy sauce, a mild flavored shredded mozzarella cheese, and sweet Italian sausage. The perfect combination!


pizza rusticRustic Crust Gluten Free Napoli Herb Pizza Crust

A pizza treat –without the wheat! This wheat and gluten-free pizza crust offers surefire flavor and the perfect crustal balance – crispy at the edges and moist in the middle. Grab your favorite toppings and get cooking to create your own pizza masterpiece.


Pillsbury Gluten Free Thin Crust Pizza Doughpizza pillsbury

Found in the refrigerated section, this pizza dough is a cinch to use. Just roll it out or press into your desired thickness to create the pizza of your dreams! Add your favorite ingredients to create the perfect pizza party right at home!


pizza cutterROCK THE PIZZA…

with this epicurean pizza cutter from Sur la Table. Available in Natural and Slate, the eco-friendly tool can slice up any pizza fast and easily with its simple rocking action. The natural wood-fiber utensil offers a nonporous surface, making it safe and sanitary. Made in the USA. 16” long.


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