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When we saw Wicked Good Cupcakes on NBC’s Shark Tank, we instantly knew that mother-daughter team Tracey Noonan and Danielle Vilagie had a huge hit on their hands. Not only did the cupcakes look so decadent and, well, wickedly good, they were packed neatly in adorable mason jars that gave the cupcakes a homemade vibe anyone would be happy receive. But the best part…these sinful treats are available in an extensive line of gluten-free flavors. And yes, after one bite, it’s easy to agree that the cupcakes deserve their name, Wicked Good, because they truly are just that.

Wheat Watchers had the exciting opportunity to find out more about the company, hear about the impact from the Shark Tank appearance, and what’s in store for Wicked Good Cupcake’s gluten-free  line. Here’s what Tracey and Danielle had to say:


1. We love that Wicked Good Cupcakes is run by a mother-daughter team! Please tell us how you got into the business.

Wicked Good Cupcakes® ( began when we both took cake-decorating classes as a way to spend quality time together. Danielle had just moved out of the house and Tracey missed having her around. After posting our work online for friends and family, we found ourselves being asked to create cupcakes for various events.

We quickly outgrew our kitchen and found ourselves looking for a space with a commercial kitchen. With growth came the issue of shipping, as more and more customers requested that we ship our delicious cupcakes, so we researched numerous packaging options before ultimately settling on a mason jar.

2. Did you have experience in the baking industry?

We both come from an art background but neither of us had worked in the baking industry prior to owning WGC. We enjoyed baking and decided to take a chance after positive feedback from posting our creations on social media for friends and family.

3. How exciting that Wicked Good Cupcakes was featured on Shark Tank!

The company was looking to grow their on-line sales, so what better way than with the exposure of a national T.V. show. Tracey has a “what have we got to lose?” attitude so she applied to Shark Tank and was accepted to appear in the Tank. The deal with Kevin O’Leary was icing on the cake. His expertise, mentoring skills, friendship, and the fact he believed in us has been a tremendous advantage in growing the business. Initially we asked for $75,000 for 20% equity in the company. Ultimately we agreed on .45 per jar in perpetuity with no equity.

4. So now you had a deal with “Mr. Wonderful”…congratulations! What was the immediate impact after the show aired?

The response during – and immediately after – the show was tremendous. WGC went from selling 300 cupcakes in a jar per week to 36,000 the week after we aired – with $250,000.00 in sales for that week alone! Currently, we average between 20,000-25,000 jars per month.

5. We’re so excited for the gluten-free cupcake line! What can you tell us about it?

Gluten-free was a labor of love which we test-marketed with great success in our Cohasset, MA Bakery. They became available online in April of 2014. Currently there are eight flavors, with several more in our test kitchen. We have a loyal GF following. Our online sales make up about 5% of our total sales and continue to grow. We are also excited to offer new cupcake flavors for the fall and holidays, along with our soon-to-be released gluten-free pies in a jar.

6. What is the shelf life of the cupcakes and how do we order?

Our cupcake jars last ten days without preservatives. Ordering is simple. Just click HERE and place your order. You can specify your arrival date and we ship to all 50 states. Customers looking to place a bulk order for 25 or more jars going to the same location can call our store at 781.923.1369 and customer service will be happy to assist you.

7. The cupcakes would make great gifts! Can you customize?

The jars make great gifts for any occasion: birthdays, new home, job, welcome baby, wedding and shower favors, and corporate marketing campaigns – just to name a few.

Wicked Good can also customize labels, branding them for your company or event. Again, we average between 20,000-25,000 jars per month and will soon be adding new flavors, which will be produced in a certified gluten-free facility.

8. Any additional news with the company?

We are excited to announce our new partnership as of July 11, 2014 with Marcus Lemonis, the host of The Profit on CNBC. For more information on the new partnership, you can click HERE 



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