Celebrity Green Nail Stylist Jenna Hipp’s work can be seen just about everywhere you look…from the covers of top fashion magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, GQ, Elle and Marie Claire…to the fingertips of Hollywood’s hottest stars, including Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Emma Stone and Kate Bosworth. In addition for her talent of for keeping ahead of today’s trends, what sets also makes Jenna a stand-out is her passion about nail and hand care products that are eco-friendly – free of hazardous chemicals.

Jenna is not only uber-cool in the nail industry, but having Celiac Disease has made it a priority for her to ensure all gluten ingredients were removed from her products. The result: a fun and fashionable line of the trendiest nail polish colors and products which are gluten-free and fabulous!

We had the amazing opportunity to chat with Jenna about her product inspirations, tips for healthy nails, and what’s in store for the Jenna Hipp product line.


1.What motivated you to make a conscience effort in bringing green inspiration to your products?

The switch to “green” came with the symptoms. Soon into my career, I began experiencing nosebleeds and rashes as a direct result from chemicals found in traditional nail products. I hated how most everything was heavily scented, and found out most products are loaded with artificial ingredients and fragrances. It became my goal to develop an eco-collection which is chemically safe and non-toxic, ranging from nail polish to tools, treatments and care products. So far, I’ve been able to release an amazing set of hand creams and polishes at Costco through “Beauty’s Most Wanted”. They don’t disappoint and the price is just right! 

2. You’ve styled for many celebrities and magazine covers…what is one experience that really stands out?

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of so many amazing moments, it’s really hard to pinpoint just one! The first that comes to mind was when I was in a New York hotel and ran into Scarlett Johansson in the elevator. She smiled really big, showing me her nails saying, “Look Jenna, I’m wearing your polish!” I felt so proud!

3. When did you realize that you had Celiac Disease? How did this influence your approach to your product line?

Like many people who discover they have celiac disease, they deal with the symptoms for years before finally figuring out what the actual problem is and doing something about it. After seeing countless doctors for my very scary symptoms (dramatic weight loss, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, and excessive memory loss), I finally visited a homeopathic doctor who took the holistic approach to my issues. Within a couple days of her plan, I could already feel a drastic difference in my body and brain. It felt like a fog had been lifted and I could see clearly for the first time. I was 26. She has helped me ever since as well as many of my friends and colleagues (

After discovering the severity of my allergy, I realized I was having reactions to everyday product such as shampoo, conditioner – even eye shadow and body lotions. Gluten is hidden behind confusing labels and though there may be only trace amounts, it’s enough to cause a reaction in my body. Dealing with this, and knowing others need to as well, gave me all the motivation I needed to completely remove gluten ingredients from all my existing and future products. 
4. What is your best tip for healthy nails?

Treat nails nice! Don’t bite them and moisturize regularly. Also, hydrate skin and nails from the inside out. Nutrition plays a huge part in natural nail health, so be sure you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals from your food. Steer clear from acrylic and hard gels as they can easily damage the delicate nail plate and contain chemicals that can be absorbed into the bloodstream.


5. What’s next for you in 2014?

Lots!! I literally feel like I’m just getting started! I’m super excited to launch new colors with “Beauty’s Most Wanted” at Costco later this year, along with a few surprise products I can’t talk about just yet… Just know that some more gluten-free options are coming your way, so keep your eyes peeled!

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