Summer is here and a refreshing treat is always a great way to cool off. And what better way than with some flavorful, creamy yogurt to welcome the triple-digit weather. So, in our search to find totally awesome yogurt – that was not only gluten-free, but great tasting – we scoured high and low to find products that offer unique deliciousness and creamy goodness. What we found were some outstanding yogurts that not only exceeded our expectations, but came along with some great background stories of how the companies originated and they came to be a leader in the yogurt industry today …perfect stories for a short read – paired with a tasty yogurt treat. Best of all, these amazing brands are good for you…so you won’t feel guilty about grabbing seconds!



Tucked away on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Noosa is surrounded by sandy beaches, cool fresh rivers, and lush rainforests. So what does this have to do with Noosa Yoghurt? The folks at Noosa Yoghurt know it’s no coincidence that their  recipe for their uniquely thick and velvety, deliciously tangy/sweet yoghurt was created in such a paradise. And it’s positively wonderful that when the founders of Noosa Yoghurt landed in the Colorado foothills, they were able to find a similar culture there—gorgeous natural scenery and locals who love to play in it, where they felt instantly at home. They also knew it would be a great place to make their yoghurt brand for their mates in the US of A, which is how Noosa got its start here.

Making their yoghurt in small batches, with time to set and infused with honey, gives it that delicious sweet-tart tang, and smooth, velvety texture. With just the right amount of fruit purees, made from the best the seasonal market has to offer, and packed in clear tubs, you can see for yourself the lusciousness of what you’re about to enjoy.

Noosa is made with milk from Morning Fresh Dairy, right on site at their farm in Bellvue, Colorado. Family-owned and operated since 1894, Morning Fresh is locally renowned for the sweet, rich, all natural milk their happy cows produce. Why are their cows so happy, you might ask? All of them graze on open pasture at least 90 days per year, and the rest of the time, dine on home-grown grain, silage and alfalfa to ensure the highest quality feed without the use of harmful pesticides (now that’s the life!). Morning Fresh milk is free of artificial growth hormones (rBGH) and artificial preservatives.

To lightly sweeten Noosa Finest Yoghurt, pure-tasting, golden Clover Alfalfa honey from Colorado’s Beeyond the Hive (family-owned since 1908) is added.

Available in a dozen scrumptious flavors, Passion Fruit and Honey are just some of our favorites!

Approx. $2.89 per 8-oz. container


Pro Yo

How does a multiple arm fracture lead to the creation of a delicious, protein-packed, nutritious frozen treat?

Santa Barbara native Nathan Carey enjoyed an active, on-the-go lifestyle as the owner of Twin Cups, a popular local drive-through frozen yogurt and coffee bar. But a devastating weightlifting accident, in which Nathan’s arm snapped in three places (OUCH!), temporarily restricted his day-to-day mobility and led the creative entrepreneur in a different direction as he regained the use of his right hand.

During his recovery Nathan noticed that most of the existing high-protein shakes and bars found on the market were surprisingly laden with high levels of sugar and stabilizers. He wanted something completely different. So he set out to formulate a distinctive high-protein frozen yogurt that featured more balanced nutrition and amazing taste—and was convenient for all ages.

After extensive research and development, Nathan successfully created ProYo—a premium  low-fat frozen treat made with creamy probiotic yogurt packed with 20 grams of protein per handy tube. And, it’s gluten-free, soy-free, and GMO-free…the perfect blend of healthy nutrition and delicious flavor without all the gunk. That means no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

The result? A convenient, healthy choice for breakfast on-the-go, a pre- or post-workout boost, a base for a smoothie, a distinctive dessert, or a late-night treat…ideal for people of all ages.

The SoCal locals instantly fell in love with ProYo, and demand grew quickly as word began to spread. Today people everywhere can enjoy the positive benefits of ProYo anytime and anywhere.  Of course, that’s why ProYo is the Anytime Frozen Treat!

All flavors will give your summer a kick, but we went back for seconds for the banana and the blueberry pomegranate!

Approx. $7.49 for a 3-pack



The story of siggi’s dairy starts in New York City during the holiday season of 2004. Siggi Hilmarsson was for the first time in his life not going back to Iceland to spend the holidays with his family. Feeling homesick and missing a staple of his childhood diet, he dug up some old articles and recipes for skyr, the traditional yogurt of Iceland, sent to him by his mother. Undaunted by the articles’ arcane measurement system and his total lack of relevant measuring devices, Siggi makes his first batch of skyr in his kitchen.

Siggi continued to experiment with rather mixed results, but his skyr showed enough promise that he decided to move his experiments from his home kitchen to a full-scale dairy plant at Morrisville College, a local agricultural college in Upstate New York. In the spring, Siggi makes his first “professional” batch of siggi’s skyr.

Somewhat unexpectedly loaded with several hundred cups of quite delicious skyr and an all too small fridge, Siggi hurries to dole them out to friends around New York. One of them, Liz Thorpe, a dairy guru and VP at Murray’s Cheese shares with her colleagues who agree that Murray’s would stock siggi’s skyr if it were commercially available. With that, Siggi becomes certain of the product’s potential, quits his day job and with backing and support from his former professor, founds the Icelandic Milk & Skyr Corporation.

Siggi then moves the production to a dairy plant in Norwich in Chenango County, New York, where he can buy milk from local family farms that do not inject them with any type of growth hormones.

At the dairy in in 2006, in Norwich, Siggi perfects his procedure and creates his first yogurt flavors using subtle, not-so-sweet, all natural ingredients. From the beginning, siggi’s skyr is sweetened with not so much natural sweeteners, instead of sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Continuing as the innovators that they are, siggi’s launched a new cup design that uses 40-50% less plastic than regular yogurt cups and is supported by a recyclable cardboard sleeve.

Now at a larger and shinier plant in Yates County in Upstate New York, siggi’s continues to add to its national distribution by introducing their very first product just for kids – siggi’s squeezable yogurt tubes.

So many incredible flavors to choose from…but we went crazy for the coconut and blueberry!

Approx. $1.99 per 5.3-oz. container



Amanda and Drew grew up in Easton, MA and met in kindergarten (aww!) – probably during snack time. In high school, Amanda became one of Massachusetts’ premier soccer players and Drew clocked a 4:15 mile on the track. After graduating, Amanda attended Providence College and Drew attended American University, before transferring to Northeastern University. With a shared love of sports, they learned the benefits of a healthy lifestyle early on.

In July of 2009, Amanda and Drew teamed up after she was introduced to the idea of making frozen Greek yogurt while working as a food broker for her father, Stu. The two former Division 1 athletes embarked on a journey from scratch to create a good-for-you product of the highest quality in the frozen novelty category. After a degree from Ice Cream Camp (yep, seriously), countless road trips, and over a year of research and development, they executed their first production run in September.

The first order of Yasso was delivered in March 2011. Amanda and Drew immediately focused their attention on in-store promotions, sampling, charity events, and social media. Consumers quickly became loyal fans, and Yasso was growing rapidly. Now staffed with a team of fun and energetic people, Yasso has become one of the fastest-growing novelty brands in the country. As they look to the future, Yasso will continue to create products that are delicious, nutritious, and authentic…the same values Yasso has had since its inception.

And, Yasso loves to give back! From initiating fundraising efforts, to event sponsorship, to charitable donations, to lending a helping hand to those in need, Yasso loves to stay involved any way they can. So far their efforts have benefited such organizations as Best Buddies and Toys for Tots.

Fun flavors and a great snack for lounging at the pool…all sensational, especially the Sea Salt Caramel and Mint Chocolate Chip!

About $4.99 per 4-pack



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