Get a little crafty with your kids to create some adorable Thanksgiving projects provided by Michaels®…easy and fun for the entire family. Just be sure an adult is on hand to supervise and help those little ones with the hot glue, glue gun, and scissors. Cute as decorations or fun to use as place cards for your Thanksgiving table.






DecoArt Americana® Acrylic Paint (Mustard Seed, Ebony Black, Snow White, True Red, Flesh Tone)

American Painter® Paintbrushes (3/4-inch Wash Series #4550, #12 Shader Series #4300, #1 Round Series #4000)

Woodsies™ (1 XL Circle, 2 Medium Ovals, 2 Small Squares, 1 Small Circle, 1 Large Heart, 3 Craft Picks)

Felt (Yellow, White, 1 ¾-inch x 2 ¼-inch)

Ribbon Bow (color of choice, tied from ¼” wide ribbon)

Pink Powder Blush

Hot Glue and Glue Gun



Project Instructions

Paint the Woodsies™ as follows: the XL circle and hand area of ovals with Flesh Tone paint; small circle nose with True Red paint; large square, large heart, and mini craft stick with Ebony Black; 2 small squares with Mustard Seed paint.

When dry, glue the nose onto the face, then dot eyes with Ebony Black paint and the mouth with True Red paint.

When the head is thoroughly dry, rub cheeks with Pink Powder Blush.

Next, mix Ebony Black paint with Snow White paint to make a dark grey color, then paint sleeve area of the ovals with the mixture. Next, paint hatband and center of one square Snow White.

Cut 4 to 6 1/8-inch strips of yellow felt. Glue strips onto the circle head as hair.

Glue the large black square onto the pilgrim’s head to make the hat. Then, glue the mini craft stick brim across the hat. Next, glue square “buckle” on White hatband.

Glue craft picks to back of head and hands. Then, choose the most level part of the apple, when apple is turned upside down, for the pilgrim’s body.

Cut a 1 ¾-inch x 2 ¼-inch piece of White felt. Snip a hole at collar center, then drape felt collar over the bottom core area of apple. Insert head pick through hole in collar and into apple core.

For the body, insert arm picks into the apple as shown. Then, tie a ribbon bowtie and glue it at the pilgrim’s neck.

Cut a 3/8-inch strip of black felt and wrap it around the “waist” of the pilgrim. Glue ends together at back, then glue Mustard Seed square on front of belt. Finally, place the pilgrim on top of the black heart, as shown in photo.


Apple Turkey Character



DecoArt Americana® Acrylic Paint (Cadmium Yellow, Bright Orange, Ebony Black, Snow White, True Red, Raw Sienna)

American Painter® Paintbrushes (3/4-inch Series #4550, #12 Shader Series #4300, #1 Round Series #4000)

Woodsies™ (1 XL Circle, 2 Large Stars, 1 Small Triangle, 1 Small Teardrops, 5 XL Teardrops, 8 Craft Picks)

Pink Powder Blush

Hot Glue and Glue Gun



Project Instructions

Paint the Woodsies™ as follows: XL circle with Raw Sienna, triangle beak with Cadmium Yellow; 2 small teardrops with True Red; 2 XL teardrops Cadmium Yellow; 2 XL teardrops Tangelo Orange; 1 XL Teardrop True Red; 2 large stars Tangelo Orange.

Shade the edges and feather lines on each teardrop with a contrasting color.

For the stars painted Tangelo Orange, shade the edges with True Red paint.

Glue small True Red teardrops and triangle beak on Raw Sienna circle as shown.

Dot the turkey’s eyes with Ebony Black paint. When dry, make smaller dots on the black dots using Snow White paint. Let dry again, then dot Ebony Black pupils in each eye.

Let head dry thoroughly, then glue a craft pick to the back of the head.

Rub the turkey’s cheeks with Pink Powder Blush. Next, glue the craft picks to the back of the large teardrops and stars.

Find the most level part of the apple when it is turned upside down, then pick the most level part for the body.

Insert head pick into bottom core of apple, followed by feather picks right behind the head. Finally, insert star picks near front base of apple for turkey’s feet.


Turkey Treat Pot



DecoArt® Patio Paint – Pinecone Brown

DecoArt® Patio Paint – Tuscan Red

Clay Pot

Container of Water

Disposable Plate for Paint Palette

Paper Towels

Craft Smart® Paint Brush

Creatology™ Foam Sheet – Red

Creatology™ Foam Sheet – Brown

Creatology™ Foam Sheet – Orange

Creatology™ Foam Sheet – Yellow

Blunt Scissors

Tracing and Transfer Paper

Creatology™ Wiggle Eyes


Project Instructions

Draw patterns to the right onto foam sheets (refer to photo for colors) and cut out shapes with scissors.

Use brush and Tuscan Red to paint pot. Allow to dry.

Use brush and Pinecone Brown to paint Styrofoam® ball. Allow to dry.

Push Styrofoam® Ball down over the rim of the pot to form head, as shown.

Position and glue in place the eyes, beak, waddle, wings, feet, and tail feathers.

Fill pot with your child’s favorite WRAPPED gluten-free candy!



Vanilla Caramel Gift Box
From Hammonds Candies

These Hammond’s Gourmet Caramels are generously sized to satisfy the most adoring of Caramel lovers! Each handmade piece is made the Old Fashioned Way…the result is a delicious soft and buttery caramel. A true fall favorite!

$7.95 for a 6-piece gift box


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