Eight Nights of Gluten-Free Goodness

From Katz Gluten Free

Katz Gluten Free Bake Shoppe was established in early 2006 by F. Katz, with not much more than a home model kitchen mixer, some thoroughly tested recipes, and an unyielding quest for perfection.

Today, Katz Gluten Free operates out of a state-of-the-art Certified Gluten-Free facility, offering an extensive, ever-expanding selection of products to meet the culinary demands of every gluten-intolerant individual. Using only pure, all natural high-quality ingredients, all products are also dairy- and nut-free, certified Kosher, and contain no added preservatives.

Although there are many great Katz products to choose from, here is our pick of eight treats for you to try during your Eight Nights of celebrating a gluten-free and grand Hanukkah.

Check out more delicious and gluten-free products from Katz at www.katzglutenfree.com.



Large Braided Gluten-Free Challah

With an incredibly soft and fluffy texture and scrumptious homemade taste, this Challah does not crumble…best of all, it makes great French toast the next day!



Cinnamon Rugelech

This original and famously delicious, rich cinnamon treat is perfect for dunking in a glass of milk.






Chocolate Rugelech

Just like the cinnamon rugelech, the chocolate variety is ideal to serve at your own Hanukkah gathering…or perfect to bring to a friend’s house.





Jelly Donuts

Who does not love donuts? With just the right amount of sweetness, these are great dunked in coffee or just by themselves…a true delight!






Challah Dinner Rolls

These Challah dinner rolls are soft and fluffy with a great homemade taste. Plus, they can go straight from the freezer to the table without being reheated…easy!



Coffee Bundt Cake

This delicately textured, frosted coffee Bundt cake has a yummy coffee-flavored icing included, which can easily be heated up before pouring over cake…a wonderful touch to give it a holiday look to your dinner table!






Vanilla Rugelech

With a rich vanilla taste, better order a few containers to ensure you have some for all eight nights…so good they will get eaten right up.




Colored Sprinkled Cookies

Colorful sprinkles on these tasty soft cookies will add some brightness and fun to your Hanukkah celebration.




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