Lucky New Year: Black-Eyed Peas

With the New Year, January 1st brings an opportunity to throw out the old and ring in the new. It’s the perfect time to jot down goals for the year and make a fresh start on [...]

Nima: Gluten Gone Tech

by Susie Bramhall For those with either Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance (yes, include me in the group), we know how tough it can be when eating out to ensure the food we put into [...]

Valentine’s Day Treats

Who doesn’t love chocolate…it is great tasting, makes us feel happy, and is the perfect way to say Happy Valentine’s Day! For kids and adults alike, February 14th is the perfect day to indulge in some [...]

A Gluten-Free Twist on Hostess Favorites

Hostess has been in talks to unveil some of their favorite snacks with a gluten-free twist. How about a gluten-free Hostess Ho Ho or even a gluten-free Twinkie to satisfy your sweet tooth…sounds amazing, right? But [...]

Kabob Party: Layers and Layers of Food and Fun!

Grab some skewers and start up the grill! It’s time to grab some friends for a fun and interactive party on the patio…KABOB-STYLE! From the main dishes to the desserts, this menu guarantees your guests will [...]